30″ Aoudad Ram: $2650

(SOLD) Nice Aoudad Ram with Huge Chaps $2750 Pick Up in Our Barn in Oatmeal, TX or delivery anywhere in the state available. Text for photo! Dustin @ 512-497-7674  

Two Dama Gazelle Males: $2500 Each

Two 1 1/2 year old  Damas. Must be go together. Delivery available from Central Texas or pick up from our barn in Oatmeal. Text me for photos or call Dustin at 512-497-7674 Double B Exotics  

Sika Buck Live Sale

(SOLD!) Very nice Sika stag up for discussion! Just caught today. $1350 Pick up at our barn in Oatmeal or delivery available.. Call, Pm or text Dustin 512-497-7674

(2) Elk Bull Yearlings Left – Live Sale

(SOLD) (2) Yearling Elk Bulls for $750 each across the board Pick up in Oatmeal, TX or deliver anywhere in TX available. Call or Text Dustin: 512-497-7674 Double B Exotics  

Sable Bulls

Will catch after they are sold. Pick up from our barn in Oatmeal or deliver for 2.50/loaded mile anywhere in TX. PM, Text or Call: 512-497-7674 (1) 3 Year Old Sable 7,250 (1) 1 Year Old Sable 4,850 Will Catch When Sold. Call, Text or PM me: 512-497-7674 Delivery 2.50/loaded mile or pick up from […]

Texas Dall and Corsican Rams

Up for Discussion: Some Nice Corsican and Texas Dall Rams 18 head total $550 Across Whole Group or Divided Pick up in barn in Oatmeal, TX or delivery is 2.50/loaded mile from our barn in Oatmeal. PM, call or text: 512-497-7674  

Axis Does, Fawns and Spike

(SOLD) Axis in barn 9 does-300 each 2 fawns (unsexed)-250 each 1 sawed spike-375 Pm, text or call Dustin: 512-497-7674 Delivery 2.50/loaded mile of pick up in Oatmeal, TX.

Oryx 3.1 Left in Barn

(SOLD) 3.1 Oryx still left in our barn ready to load out! 26”-28” 1550 each across All healthy and in great shape Pick up at our barn in Oatmeal, TX or delivery available for 2.50/loaded mile Call/text or email Double B Exotics 512-497-7674