Fallow Deer for Live Sale

All SOLD. Thank you guys! (1) 5yr old: $2,350(2) 3yr olds: $1,150 each(1) spike: $550 (12) does: $425 each Located in Central Tx, NW of Austin. PM, text or call 512-497-7674Double B Exotics www.stockmyranch.com

Small Blackbuck Antelope Group for Live Sale

(1) 10″ bb male: $650(2) bb does: $325 each(1) bb buck fawn: $275Would like to find a new home as a group. PM me for details or call/text 512-497-7674Double B Exotics www.stockyourranch.com

Red Deer Cows for Sale (Mature and Yearling

(3) Mature Red Deer Hinds (Cows): $475 each(6) Red Deer Yearling Cows: $375 each In our barn in Oatmeal/Bertram Area. NW of Austin. Call/text for faster response: 512-497-7674 / dustin.warncke@gmail.comDelivery available just about anywhere in Texas!  Double B Exotics Dustin Warncke Sales Manager www.stockmyranch.com

Axis Deer for Sale

Axis Deer Load up for Discussion: (1) Two Year Old Buck (Hard Horned): $550 (14) Mature Axis Does: $300 each (1) Yearling Axis Doe:$275 (2) Axis Fawns (Unsexed): $125 each Located in our barn in Bertram, TX. Pick up or delivery is available. PM for details or text me at 512-497-7674. www.stockmyranch.com Double B Exotics

Axis Load for Live Sale

(1) Axis 4-5 year old mature buck: (1) Axis 4-5 year old mature buck: (1) Axis 4-5 year old mature buck: (1) Axis Mature Shed: (1) Axis 3 year old buck: (2) Two Year Old Axis Bucks: (7) Axis Spike Bucks: (1) Nub Buck: (6) Axis Does (Mature): (6) Axis Does (Yearlings): Located in central […]

Axis in Barn this Week

Axis Load up for Discussion (1) Mature Shed Axis Buck (2) Two Year Old Axis Bucks (6) Axis Spikes (9) Axis Does (Mature) (3) Axis Does (Yearling) Can price the whole load or part out as needed. Pick up from our barn in Oatmeal (NW of Austin). Call, Text or PM 512-497-7674 Double B Exotics […]

Axis Does Left in Barn

Need any of our Axis? Here is what I have right now: (1) 2 Year Old Axis Buck: $550 (8) Axis Spikes: $350 each (5) Mature Axis does: $295 each (4) Yearling Axis does: $265 each (2) Axis Fawns: $100 each Call or Text Dustin at 512-497-7674    

Axis, Sika and Blackbuck up for Discussion

PM, Call Or Text me 512-497-7674 Located in Central, TX (Oatmeal/Bertram) Double B Exotics is ROCKING IT! www.stockmyranch.com   (1) 27″ Axis Buck: $1150 (Broke off Caudle Tines)   (1) Mature Shed 3 Year Old: $975   (1) Mature 3 Year Old with Broken Main Beams: $975   (7) Axis Spikes: $325 each   (11) […]

2.0 Zebra Yearlings

Two Zebra Male Yearlings up for Discussion Fresh caught and in our barn in Oatmeal, TX. Call, Text, or PM Dustin: 512-497-7674 $2250 Each Must Sell as a Pair.